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Welcome to Rawson Custom Woodworks, LLC. We proudly continue the tradition found in Rockford, Illinois of refined woodworking and craftsmanship. Established in 1986, Rawson Custom Woodworks has been hand-crafting fine furniture, cabinets, and one-of-a-kind pieces for over twenty-five years.

"We build for you."

We are a custom woodworking shop, which means every piece we build is unique, distinct, and individual. No two customers have the same need. As a result, no two pieces we build are identical. Whatever your need is, big or small - complex or simple, we can build the specific piece to complete your specific project.

"We build from the drawing board to your door."

We are a comprehensive fabricator, which means every piece we build we design, manufacture, and install. By producing everything in-house, we control the quality of our product down to the smallest detail. Whatever your project requires, we can ensure your piece fulfills your every specification.

"We build on the Rockford tradition."

We are a local shop, which means every piece we build is built here in Rockford, Illinois. We strongly believe in supporting our local community. From our founder’s life story, to our work with local charities, we have deep roots here in Rockford, Illinois. So, when you come to us, you know exactly what you’re getting: a piece hand-crafted in Rockford, Illinois- not a piece built in another country by a impersonal corporation.

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